Master Key Experience Week 13 – Faith

images.jpeg-1.jpgI left week 12 of the MKE angry. I’m not sure if it was just my state of mind that week or if the past few weeks have opened up and exposed some old wounds in me. It’s not always possible to know which it is in the moment, as time will naturally reveal the answer.

For week 13, my mindset has been to keep things simple. Stay in the “groove” of the MKE, and “develop my skills as a mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm”, as Og Mandino recommends we do in Scroll 3.

Week 13 has also corresponded with a temporary, yet extremely busy personal week for me and my family, as my wife has taken on a 10 day hospital contract, with very little childcare. It’s been an absolute joy and pleasure to spend so much quality time with my little boy, and help my wife complete this contract without stress and worry, and I’m so grateful to have the time to do it. It just means being “full-on” all day, with little time to focus on anything outside of this, hence the focus on keeping MKE simple this week and getting into a simple groove.

This week also had an unexpected event happen; my friend, business partner and part of my personal mastermind landed up in hospital with a serious and life threatening and life changing event. The news of this “knocked the wind out of me for a multitude of reasons and has tested my faith in myself and in the work that I’m doing in the MKE.

The idea of FAITH is a fascinating one, as I believe it’s the most important quality to develop and have in order to create the life I desire, but also the most intangible of all qualities – and potentially the most frightening. What is faith? And how does one develop it in the directions of ones desire?

The ideas of “Blind Faith” and “Delusional” often crop up when thinking of Faith. Also religious connotations of a what faith could mean blur my experience and understandings of what it means to develop faith in myself – ALL OF ME!.

So this past week I’ve been working daily with a guided meditation to help with developing faith in myself during my “sit” time.

There’s an old saying “everything that happens, happens for my success.” I am focused on developing the faith in this saying to be the truth.



4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 13 – Faith

  1. Happy to hear you were able to spend such quality time with your son–mine is 19 yrs now and practically out on his own–you’ll never regret the time you spend with your little one! Sending good thoughts to your friend, I hope all turns out well for them. Faith is a fascinating topic and I like how you tied it to the saying you shared–a great thing to focus on! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so sorry about your friend and mastermind partner. I love that you are taking this into your sits and further and deeply developing faith. You are giving your wife and your boy such a gift as well. Lots of love and peace to you.

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