Master Key Experience Week 16 – The Drift

224772-driftWeek 16 came and went so fast that I totally missed writing my blog post for that week. It was interesting to watch Week 17’s video regarding “Drift”, as this is exactly how I felt. I had times where I would force an emotional reading of my cards and DMP, and that would feel good. Then there were times (the majority) where I would just be going through the motions.

I’m not sure of the reasons for this drift. Could it be the monotony of the exercises? Could it be the fact that the subby is taking it in and that its not a new and exciting idea for it? Could it be the gap between what I’m affirming and my reality right now? Could it be lack of faith  in the process? Or is it the calm before the storm, that moment just before the seedling bursts through the ground?

I don’t know the answer, so I just keep keeping on. Does the Master Key Experience really ever end? After 6 months of the this course, it seems like it’s just the beginning of the journey, without any end-points. How does one know when one as has achieved self-mastery? 

The one challenge I have at present is the focus on “dates” in my DMP. I have always understood that subby doesn’t understand dates, but only knows the NOW, and acts in the NOW. Dates and times are just conscious human constructs. I am going to test this out by creating another version of my DMP, but without the dates, and only in the NOW.  I’ll keep you updated on the experience and results from this experiment going forward.

Well, its a short step to writing week 17’s blog, so I’ll see you then.

One thought on “Master Key Experience Week 16 – The Drift

  1. I like that you ask questions of yourself about the drift and are genuinely trying to understand yourself. The questions you’re asking would be good ones to reflect upon when doing a sit. I’ll be interested to learn more about what you learn from your experiment. Have a great week! 🙂

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