Master Key Experience Week 17H – The Catch-up

catch-upThe past couple of weeks have been gratefully busy, with my 2 businesses picking up and my parents visiting from Cape Town. It is always so great to have family visit and stay with us. It was also my son’s 4th birthday celebrations on top of it all. This has naturally created a scenario where I am in catch-up mode with my MKE.

There is definite growth here, as in the past, I would be stressing out about falling behind. I believe that this has been a pattern throughout my life, maybe emanating from my school days. But is seemed to have followed me throughout my life into adulthood, where I would always feel left behind or needing to catch up in my life – Career, financially, relationships, family, and the list goes on. These are all personal goals and dreams and really have no timeline in reality, but the DEADLINE trauma of life has stuck. I have always had this dread that if I don’t do this, then some sort of punishment will be handed out. In school and in my youth, this would be usually from someone else. Through my religion, this would be from God (of course, organised religion is always about punishment, fear and control) in life, later on, this would then be an abstract form of punishment, most likely the UNIVERSE, Life in general, God. Fear of reprisal has been so ingrained in me, that when I ate my first piece of bacon (I’m Jewish), I almost expected a thunderbolt to strike me from above. Thank goodness that didn’t happen and it was delicious!!! But self-punishment through this has always been on my agenda, if nobody was there to do it for me, with the punishments being fear, anxiety, lack, self-doubt and holding myself back from entering the Hero’s Journey, among many of my creative ways.

Falling behind and getting punished by life for it has always been in my story, so it was wonderful to fall behind on the MKE and not be too bothered by it and all the timelines and assignments.  I still did my daily’s, but i just took the pressure off myself and enjoyed the present moments of family and friends more. I think this is possibly one of my internal battles with the MKE, as it is run as a curriculum, and I have personal issues with that story.

So, how does this relate the week 17HJ? Well, to take the call to action to enter my own hero’s journey I must let go of these fears. There are enough dragons to slay in life, so letting these patterns and fears go are vital to me staying in and completing my hero’s journey. I have also found that working with my Energy Therapist through the MKE has helped immensely to overcome many of my mental and emotional blocks. The MKE is great, but as an energy therapist myself, I am aware of the limitations to affirmations, mantras, visualizations and repetitively programming the subconscious when there are traumas, energy constrictions & blocks, and limiting belief systemblocking the way. It’s like trying to water your garden from behind a brick wall with a hose pipe – eventually, over time, the water from the hosepipe will erode through the bricks. Enthusiasm and emotions will speed it up, like increasing the pressure and flow. But a lot of water will be wasted, time and patience must become your friend. Sometimes a good ‘ol sledgehammer to bash down the wall is what we need – this is how I see energy therapies in my experience.

MKE has been vital in so many ways, especially in formulating coherent and clear goals and dreams. It has been excellent so far in creating rhythm and routine.  Building a plan of action to follow is brilliant. and so much more. But what it has really done is help me discover my BRICK WALLS to BASH down. This has needed external help, as I know by being a professional in this field, is the best way to overcome such barriers.

All other traditional ways work, eventually, with extreme persistence, hard-work and time, but I prefer not to wait.

So, here’s to catching-up – OK, its only 2 webinars, so it’s not that much, but to me, its progress!!!

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 17H – The Catch-up

  1. Congrats on all the fun things in your life, business increasing and on your new growth and learnings! Happiness, love and harmony on your hero’s journey!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your insights this week and could definitely relate to what you shared! 🙂 I especially liked this: “There are enough dragons to slay in life, so letting these patterns and fears go are vital to me staying in and completing my hero’s journey.”

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