Master Key Experience Week 18 – The Long Haul

toyota.kenworth-truckWhen I first started reading Scroll V of the Greatest Salesman in the World, I couldn’t put myself through reading it 3 times a day, let alone reading it aloud at night. I had no problems reading the other previous scrolls as prescribed, but there seemed to be something not only sad, but also incongruent in the messages of this scroll. I understand the message that it is trying to portray, but it seems to be out of sync with my DMP and my life goals.

If this was the “Last day of my life” and I looked back on it, would I have been happy to have spent it selling as hard as I could? Or would I have preferred to have been with my family, making memories with them? I am not averse to hard work, but I don’t get pleasure out of living a life where I am having to work hard at the expense of my personal freedom and time away from family and the other joys of life. Some take pleasure in wearing the fact that they are continuously working their backsides of as “Badge of Honor.” I don’t see it that way, and rather see it as a failure in not having found a way to leverage time and wealth. I am consistently working towards this goal as a mission in my life, hence the challenge in reading parts of this scroll.

So, reading this scroll has been an interesting experience for me. The feelings above have softened over the month, as I am aware of its incongruencies with my life plans and begin to take the many positive lessons from it. I think that this scroll has defintitley highlighted my desires to commit to and create my DMP, instead of living a life that most aspire to.

I’m still in catch-up mode, but have put no pressure on myself. I keep doing the dailies and am proud of the rhythm that I have created. I m learning to trust myself and my decisions of what is good for me, what is right for me and what I am willing to do, ans learning that I am Enough, without having an internal battle and imaginary mental protest about the activities presented in the MKE. I entered the Hero’s Journey in doing and committing to the 6 months, and I’m learning to let go the fears of what could go wrong in not doing everything to 100% “Perfection.” I seem to have some old traumas related to not creating success unless I am perfect, but I’m learning that I am Enough and trusting life more.

I realise that the MKE is not a 6 month course, but a lifetime study, so I’m in it for the long haul.

See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 18 – The Long Haul

  1. I like how you said it’s not a 6 month course, but a lifetime study. Yes! … I have had some of those thoughts when reading this scroll, especially in the beginning. I think it’s great that you’re just noticing what’s going on for you when you read it. For me, I just decided to take that as a reminder to be in the moment, and when I’m doing something to give it my all, in case it was the last time I ever did it. I wouldn’t want my last time doing something to be half-____. But, if it was my last day, I’d be choosing to be with loved ones as well! 🙂 Absolutely! Again, great noticing as well as authenticity!!

  2. Hey Lior, I love that you are such an independent thinker and don’t always take things at face value– a great way to avoid adding to the cement-load! I’m glad that your feelings towards scroll V are ‘softening’ for you and commend you for sticking with it in spite of your initial reaction to it… one suggestion would be to consider switching the thought of ‘selling as hard as you could’ to ‘serving as hard as you could’, and see how that feels. I too liked that you recognize MKE as more than a 6-month course and got a kick of how you tied being in it for ‘the long haul’ with the picture on your post! Keep on truckin’! 🙂

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