Master Key Experience Week 19 – The Short long post

downloadLooking back on the past week of the Master Key Experience, I have not had many thought provoking experiences or revelations. The experience has definitely shifted me in many ways so far. On the one hand, it has given me a strong focus of what I want to create in my life. The shapes and colours enhance that focus and make it simpler as well.

The weekly chores/services have kept me productive and active around my home and life, as I have tended in the past to let certain things go and procrastinate in fixing them.

Og Mandino keeps me disciplined in my 3 times daily readings. Sometimes I feel inspired to read the scrolls, sometimes I feel that it’s a total chore, but I get through them regardless – I see it primarily as sel-discipline more than anything. I’ve completed the scrolls a few times before in the past 7 years, so they are not new to me.

The Master Key System reading is an interesting experience for me. I read them daily as recommended. I have found that for a while now, the weekly reads are quite repetitive, with not much new in them in terms of content. They seem to be a weekly rewrite of the same concept with a new insight or 2 along the way. This isn’t a problem for me, as repetition of a simple and powerful concept can totally change ones life, especially once it has been embedded into subby and become reality. It’s just that my experience from the early stages of the MKE, where I would be excited to dive into the weekly read and learn something new isn’t there anymore.

Dates. The age old debate of whether one should put dates into subconscious programming. Each teacher shares their different theory, and is adamant that they are right. I have always been taught by my healing mentors that dates are important for Goal Setting, but should not be used for Subconscious programming, as subby only acts in the present moment and has not concept nor understanding of time. This is the conflict one has to deal with in designing ones future – Goals vs Subconscious programming. I don’t have a definitive answer, but I can say that I have manifested many great things (and not so great) into my life, and I have rarely placed dates. The challenge for many is keeping motivated during the seeding and incubation phases of any manifestation. By putting dates, my feeling is that we are actually causing confusion, and potentially either deferring our results (based on our incomplete understanding of universal laws) or even trying to  force results, this creating further resistance to our manifestation.

When we plant seeds in the garden, for example tomato seeds. We plant them, nourish them, water them and so on. We know they will take a certain known period of time to germinate, grow and eventually fruit. But we can’t know for exact certain the date that our tomato will be ready to pick. If we use artificial means and green harvest, then we can choose a day to harvest, but the fruit will never be ready, nor as nutritious. And this is for something where we know the exact times from seed to plate. What about our DMP’s which have no known time frame established. Any date is pure speculation and in my view will either delay, or unnaturally force an experience.

These are my continuous learnings, and overall, I’m enjoying the experience. I often feel frustrated in the process, as I am not a fan of structure and curriculum, but this is my stuff to deal with.

One last comment – MKE, in my view, is not therapy, but an experience. For those who have significant unhealed trauma, I would recommend aligning with a good therapist, standard or alternative. Doing such intense work can and will kick up many unhealed traumas which can in itself be very traumatic to deal with. Although the guides and alliances are trained in MKE and can be helpful during challenging times, there should not be an expectation of them to be treat or deal with complex challenges, nor should there be a promise that they can or are responsible for doing so. Both me and my wife have needed to go for external help during the MKE, and we are better off for it. the MKE helped push things to the surface that would have remained dormant, so we are grateful for that and the healing thereafter. There is no perfect “closed system” out there. We should always remember to stay focused on being independent self-directed thinkers throughout.


See you next week.

3 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 19 – The Short long post

  1. Lior , thank you for your thoughts and feelings . I understand what you are saying and feeling . I enjoyed reading and learning about your conflicts and frustrations . I believe that we all grow in many ways

  2. Really enjoyed hearing how some of the different parts of the Master Key Experience have landed on you. Totally agree with the importance of self-directed thinking–a great reminder! 🙂

  3. Hello Lior! I have not visited here in a long time and how refreshing and thought provoking is your post!

    ” By putting dates, my feeling is that we are actually causing confusion, and potentially either deferring our results (based on our incomplete understanding of universal laws) or even trying to force results, this creating further resistance to our manifestation.”

    Do you have some other references putting dates down and the subconscious part that I could read?

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week with your beautiful family! 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

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