Meet Lior

Lior LosinskyLior Losinsky wears a few “hats,” as the saying goes. He is both founder and principle therapist at the Best Life Clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as a successful Network Marketer in the Health & Wellness industry for the past 7 years. But most of all, Lior is a seeker of his personal truth and on the journey of discovering of his own “Golden Buddha” inside himself.

Lior Losinsky is a former physiotherapist with over 18 years’ experience in Health & Wellness. He has certificates in multiple therapies , including Master Practitioner of Meridian Energy therapies, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Energetics, to name a few, as well as being a certified NLP practitioner.

At the Best Life Clinic, Lior’s passion, expertise and experience lies in helping others live their best lives through healing and overcoming phobias, traumas, limiting belief systems and all that hold us back from living our best lives – living in love, joy, significance, abundance, prosperity and emotional freedom.

As a Network Marketer, Lior has worked for the past 7 years in growing a successful Network Marketing organisation. Over the past 18 months, Lior has partnered with  Mark J’s on his Go90Grow system and franchised his version, called the L’Chise, providing, exclusively for his teams, Mark J’s trainings, business development and self development through the L’Chise.

Lior’s vision is to use the vehicle of Network Marketing to help his teams discover their own dreams, recover their personal power, become independent & self directed thinkers, as well as highly-skilled professionals in their businesses. This vision helps his teams build their business to provide the resources in order to live the lives they desire and on their own terms. Lior has a passion for developing Leaders who are intrinsically motivated to live their best lives, and who also want to teach others to do the same.

Lior is a husband to his incredibly loving, caring, brave and supportive wife, Jodi Wolmer (Losinksy), and father to Jacob Israel, who teaches Lior everyday how to live in the moment, and be more courageous, loving and a better human being.

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