Master Key Experience Week 11 – LOVE/HATE

Sitting down to write this week’s blog is probably the most challenging of all the weeks so far. This is not because this week has been any more challenging or difficult compared to any other weeks, but rather because for the past few weeks I have started to develop a LOVE/HATE relationship with the MKE.

Maybe this is an appropriate experience to have at this point in the MKE, maybe not, but this is what I have been experiencing of late.

LOVE the fact that I get to develop a Definite Major Purpose and work intensively hard at reprogramming my subconscious blueprint, continuously challenging it in multiple ways, while Master Key Experience adds new layers and experiences, week after week. I also love the Master Key system study  and Greatest Salesman readings, and how they add meaning to my life

And yes, I have definitely witnessed certain changes in me, and noticing regular manifestations as my Subby takes on the information and works 24/7 for me.

The HATE is the time commitments required of the MKE. The Webinars are extremely long, and at South Africa time, begin at 11pm on a Sunday evening, and never end before 1:30am Monday morning. I have chosen to rather watch the replays, as TRUE HEALTH is a personal pivotal need of mine, and this includes proper sleep. The 2.5 hours of catchups keep me scrambling to stay “up to speed” with the week ahead. This, on top of the daily MKE requirements, and my regular life responsibilities sometimes puts significant strain on me, my family and my relationship with my wife, who is also challenged with similar MKE time pressures.

Multiple times during the past few weeks I have contemplated quitting and walking away. Not because I’m a quitter, but because of the fears or doubts that the payoffs will be worth the effort and strain of staying on course. My time with my wife and little boy are priority, and anything that takes away this temporarily from my life must put back significant more value into those same places.

Right now, I’m experiencing the PRICE that I’m paying, but I’m not necessarily experiencing the VALUE in my life that I would expect for the effort.

Will it be worth it at the END if I stick with it and push through to the end? There is no guarantee, only FAITH in the process.

Right now, as I type this, I’m exhausted. I am away with my family, with a toddler who’s got flu, a few sleepless nights in a row, trying to keep up with MKE, building a business and spending time with family who we are visiting. Is this all temporary? Yes.

But this LOVE/HATE relationship has been here for a while. Maybe it’s my subby pushing back – then we push on! Maybe it’s my gut telling me to find another way that isn’t the MKE. Maybe it’s a personal neuro-peptide addiction I need to break. I don’t have the answers, except how I’m feeling right now, so I just keep on the exercises and plug away.

Am I looking forward to the next webinar? No. Especially as we’ve been forewarned that it’s another very long one – and so the potential cycle continues into week 12.

I will persist until I succeed. I will persist. I will win!

Master Key Experience Week 10 – Bridging the Gap

bridgeAs I have been practicing visualizing my new reality and future-self daily, while emotionalizing it, several times throughout the day, every day, an interesting thought has been popping into my mind. 

It happens randomly, and it’s so quick, that if I wasn’t acutely aware of the focus on creating a strong relationship with my future-self, I’d probably not even have noticed it.

The thought is based on doubt. I get this sudden cascade of doubt about the possibility of this reality being my reality – doubt in my ability to create it (what me? How can mere Lior create such an abundant future?) It’s sneaky, it’s pernicious, and it’s insidious.

I have very grand business goals. I have grand financial goals. I have grand lifestyle goals. It’s all about LIBERTY & TRUE HEALTH. My liberty requires very large amounts of income, while personally creating and leading a very, very large organization of leaders in my business. The idea of this feels and looks phenomenal. BUT – It seems so far away from who I must become in order to create and then hold onto, live and be this reality. 

These doubts are so powerful, yet so subtle and flick through my mind so quickly, that I sometimes don’t always get a chance to overwhelm them with my DMP, my Truth Affirmation, or any other positive ways of Substitution. 

There is still a large gap in my subconscious between who I AM NOW and who I MUST BECOME internally to BE MY FUTURE SELF DAILY.  I am also sometimes caught in 2 minds about the value of programming my subconscious blueprint with a new reality, without also having acquired the necessary skills and experience to BE that person NOW. It would be like programming my subby to BE a pilot now, in my mind, but not have the necessary skills nor experience to fly. I realize that this is “circular thought.” but it’s one that sticks persistently in my mind. There are also possibly significant limiting beliefs around what I think I need  in order to manifest my future. Again, more limiting circular thinking. This I am aware of and am working on.

Also, I am an impatient soul, thus the wait to create what I desire in my DMP can sometimes be frustrating. This frustration is an old blueprint that also requires working on to eliminate and substitute with Patience and trust in Divine Timing.

So I keep on keeping on with my daily work on my inner world. The outer world is in fact taking shape nicely, and therefore it will be good for me to focus on GRATITUDE this week along with my other work on myself. The ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE has always put perspective on my life journey. This week I have also focused on putting more Emotion into my DMP readings and visualizations. This, I’m sure will build that bridge to overcome the gaps in my blueprint.

Having a break from the weekly webinar was a breath of fresh air, like when I take a week off my strength training because my body needs it, and then after the break I come back stronger. The webinar break is exactly what my mind needed this week. I feel refreshed, more integrated and mentally ready for the next session.


See you next week.


Master Key System Week 9 – The Delusion

jim-rohn-quote-affirmation-without-discipline-is-the-beginning-of-delusion“Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.”

The past week has seen deeper progressions and more layers to programming the subconscious blueprint. Linking the 7 Laws of the Mind and the 7 different ways of learning, along with Left/Right brain integration, and then adding in consistent visualizations is all designed to flood the subby and overwhelm the “old” blueprint and develop a new blueprint that is primed to work for you 24/7 to manifest a new reality.

My thoughts this week have been mainly about 2 things:

Plan of Action:

Without a Plan of action that has any bearing on, or connection to achieving my Definite major purpose, and without the discipline to act on this plan daily, we are living in delusion and setting ourselves up for significant failure. It reminds me of that old saying “Hope is not a strategy”, and the cartoon below –


So often we put these grand plans, dreams and goals in place, then sit and meditate, visualize, affirm and so on, and then get on with our normal lives, without a plan, strategy, mechanism, method or the discipline to act daily to achieve anything close to what we want. I believe this comes form a very poor understanding of the”Law of Attraction.” And this poor understanding comes from watching movies like “The Secret,” or listening to well known “Gurus” on the the Law of Attraction from people who claim to be speaking on behalf of those with ‘a biblical name.’ These sources have very little substance, and feed beautifully into the hands, minds and wallets of those who wish for ‘miracles’ and ‘hope’ as a strategy, but prefer to avoid the work – both the hard mental labor and the physical action necessary to actually manifest these dreams.

This for me is the Delusion. – and the public want it, and that’s why they remain so far away from their dreams.

So, this week in the MKE, the Think & Grow Rich equation from Napoleon Hill comes to the forefront of my mind: DMP (Definite Major Purpose) + PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) + WPOA (Working Plan of Action) + MMA (Mastermind Alliance) = Achieving your Dreams. It takes every element of the equation, no one is more important than the other. This week I have been master-minding and assessing my Plan of Action to see if it is adequate and will move me forward towards my dreams and desires.

Truth Affirmation:

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

I have heard this statement before, and actually used it as an affirmation, but seeing it in the context of how Haanel, in the Master Key System uses it has changed its power and meaning. Incorporating it in the 7 Laws of the Mind has given this affirmation significant meaning, via the Law of Substitution, the Law of Growth, the Law of Dual Thought and the Law of the Subconscious mind. 

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

Using this not just as an affirmation, but as a Truth Statement, gives it a completely different energy to my life.

This is my truth, I must just learn to step into this truth – because the truth always reveals itself.


See you next week.

Master Key Experience Week 8 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good. The Bad. And the UglyTuco the Ugly: “If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?”
What a week! I can only describe it as – The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly. 
The Bad and The Ugly:
This week it was extremely challenging to control my mind. I wanted to really focus on the Mental Diet and experience the benefits to my life claimed by Emmet Fox, by adhering to 7 days. The week before I had found it relatively easy to feel positive and in the flow. I didn’t quite do 7 days, but I felt comfortable enough to challenge myself for 7 days this week.
Well, some of my old negative patterns of mental overwhelm and fear came rushing in this week. There was one difference. I didn’t get as caught up in the story as much as I would normally have, but mentally and emotionally it was a tough week. The interesting thing is that my mental state was not corresponding to my reality in any ways. So many positive experiences happened this past week, but I just couldn’t seem to enjoy them.
This was an epiphany for me – my emotional and mental states are actually not only independent of my reality, but may actually be the source and root cause of my reality.
It all culminated in losing my temper multiple times yesterday. This is very unusual for me, but may have been an aspect of my old patterns and neuropeptide addictions that needed to be “let go.” Much of my anger yesterday seemed to have been as a reaction to areas “Chaos” that still seem to be in my life. The MKE has really helped me to create order and systems in my life, manifesting in a lot of efficiency and effectiveness in my life and business. Experiencing an area where a lot of my disorder and chaos arises from seemed to have triggered my into anxiety and anger.
So, the bad & ugly, felt bad & ugly, but there was goodness and beauty to be found as well.
“I will love the ugly for their souls of peace.”
The Good:
There was plenty of good this week. In fact there was a lot of fantastic as well. Doing all my daily MKE exercises was good. Creating an audio of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and POA (Plan of Action) was not only fun, but also a very powerful exercise to do and then to listen to listen to. This is a very powerful new layer to the work we are doing with the subconscious mind.
Using my visual aids and shapes when things were feeling challenging for me was a great way to interrupt the pattern and substitute the feelings with the ones that are helpful and uplifting towards my DMP.
Doing my readings out aloud with even more intensity and enthusiasm when I was feeling self doubt or negativity was a powerful way to overcome these feelings.
And then there were the positive manifestations that actually flowed in quite easily and effortlessly into my reality,  all manifestations that seemed a building block towards manifesting the bigger picture of my DMP. The “battleship exercise” was incredibly useful in allowing me to see the cause-effect relationship of things manifested, and experiencing the infinite pieces required, big and small, to bring anything into reality.
This allowed me to understand and stay out of judgement of good-bad/success/failure of anything in m experience, as each and every tiny little piece is part of the greater manifestation, as long as my subby is aligned with what I desire. This has been a revelation, as up until now, I have consistently judged experiences and results according to my very small view of reality.
So, this week, its definitely been The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and as the quote goes…Tuco the Ugly: “If you work for a living, why do you kill yourself working?”
This is one of the fundamental reasons for doing the MKE and being “ALL IN.” Up until now, I have spent my life mentally and physically killing myself to earn a living, and until I change, this will never change. So, it seems obvious that I have to go through The Good, The Bad and the Ugly at some point before things change. I know hope is not a strategy, but I sure hope I’ve gone through it now!
The Good: I’ll sleep better knowing my good friend is by my side to protect me. I’m sure he’s talking about my subby.
See you next week.

Master Key Experience – Week 7 – “Levelling Up” to My Future Self

Mario Brothers - Levelling UpI just found out that my mind doesn’t know the difference between imagining a stranger and imagining my future-self. The corollary must be true then; My mind must not be able to tell the difference between my past and present-self, thus recreating this past reality in my present, day after day after day, until my future looks almost identical to my past!

This is HUGE! If my future- self is basically a stranger to me, how am I supposed to create a new reality that manifests into my future-self?

The answer must lie in building a strong internal relationship with the vision of my future, until my mind can’t tell the difference between the imagined construct and my present (past)-self. And this is what the past few weeks, into this week has been all about. Progressions, and building and layering different ways to experience my new reality – In the NOWto the press release of our future in the PAST, to AUDITORY (saying things out loud), VISUAL (Visualizations, imaginations, Movie Poster, Shapes), to KINESTHETIC (saying with feeling, visualizing with feeling) and so many more. Its almost a subconscious overwhelm, with the dam filling up so much that the walls break and the old blueprint stands no chance as it gets flooded with my new Future-self.

So, this is all theory, but in practice, I’m beginning to see the manifestations of this new reality in the physical world. I’m “doing” less, but creating more. My inner guidance system seems to be more accurate. I can trust my inner voice more. I have more hunches, I’m inspired into actions that at first seem nonsensical, but the result takes me closer to my DMP (Definite Major Purpose). This is what everyone who has done the MKE in the past speaks of. This is only something that can be experienced, and not easy to explain, but I’m experiencing more FAITH  in developing my future in the now, and through that, I’m feeling more COURAGEOUS, but also my selective in my ACTIONS.

It is difficult to explain, other than imagining one of those old arcade games, where the landscape, challenges, obstacles and rewards are rapidly moving towards me and all I need to do to “Level up” is take the required REACTIONS to the environment presenting itself to me. Except this time, my subby is manifesting, through the Universal, the exact environment, landscape and scenarios according to my DMP, and REACTIONS are just the necessary ACTIONS required to allow me to “Level up” to my FUTURE-SELF. 

And it feels LIBERATING!! – OK, there’s still some doubt, but I’m working on it – See you next week!!!


Master Key Experience Week 6 – Magic of the Minimum Dose

minimum doseOne of the most mentally challenging aspects of being a business owner, an entrepreneur, is not quite knowing if I’m ever doing enough of the “actions” required to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Gnawing at the back of my mind is this constant voice of doubt, never satisfied. If it’s been a good week/month/year, that voice says “you could be doing more.” If it hasn’t been a great time, that voice pipes in with “you’re not doing enough.” Intellectually, I know that the hardest workers in the world definitely aren’t the most successful. In many instances it’s the opposite. Yet, there’s no “Success Manual” out there. There seem to be “many roads that lead to Rome,” as that old saying goes, and this creates even more confusion and doubt in my mind.

Week 6 has been all about the subconscious mind. The progressions in the MKE have been fast and furious. We have been linking and layering, bombarding good ol’ subby with all our DMP (Definite Major Purpose), flooding it with all that is designed to write a new story of our lives – The story we actively desire, not the one we have passively created from the past. According the one of the “7 Laws of the Mind.” the Law of Subconscious – ‘as soon as the subconscious accepts the idea, it becomes a demand and it works constantly, 24-7, to manifest the demand, accessing a reservoir of infinite resources.’ This is probably one of the most important concepts for me to take in. Accepting this as truth changes everything, but it is also part of the battle in my mind of week 6. As the depth of the reprogramming happens, and my subby is accepting the ideas of my newly created reality, I begin to wonder how much “action,” in the traditional sense I need to take in order to manifest my future reality?

All that I’ve ever learnt about the subconscious is that if its blueprint is programmed for failure, no amount of action is going to bring success. Yet, much of my life I’ve been hardwired to to work work work! But, here’s the question…How much action is required if the subby is fully programmed for success (if it’s 100% accepted this new idea of my DMP)? In other words, what is the critical minimal level of action required? When we walk into a dark room at night, we can illuminate the entire room with a tiny flick of a switch. Just because there is a lot of darkness, it doesn’t require us to work hard to make it light. We are leveraging electricity and doing the minimal action and getting a full result. (And there’s a reference to electricity from Part 6 of the Master Key System)

So, my personal epiphany this week is this: Work harder (action) on my mind and my Subconscious mind than I would in my life and business. Let my Subby accept all the ideas, and then work 24-7 behind the scenes to manifest the demand, letting it access the reservoir of infinite resources. In other words, fully leverage off my subconscious mind and its connection to the Universal…And then step back from the hustle and take inspired action, when the ideas, resources and, in my business, prospects manifest into my reality. I’ve been in the flow, where everything just manifests effortlessly, and I’ve been against the flow, where the harder I seem to work, the worse things become.

I’ve experienced significantly more flow this past week, but have found it challenging to trust it, as well as accept that it can be this simple.

So my focus going forward is to maintain 100% effort into the MKE and take minimum possible action, as the say in homeopathy, “The Magc of the Minimum Dose.”

I’ll keep you updated on the results.

See you next week.


Master Key Experience – Week 5 – S#!T’s got real!

shitI promise to manifest Liberty & True Health…and I always keep my promises!

Can’t I just go back to not keeping my promises? Life seemed so much simpler/complicated/easier/harder when I didn’t promise to keep my promises. Well, it definitely felt like the life I have always known. Frustrating. Not too purposeful. Living lesser than my potential. Daily emotional struggles. But at least I was comfortably uncomfortable. And I knew these feelings. Now! I’m not sure what I feel from day to day.

This week started with a bang. Powerful webinar. Motivated to end Og Mandino’s Scroll  I strong. Excited about manifesting my dreams and desires, by doing the actions required. I finished a challenging chore/service over the weekend (I always keep my promises, remember). I was ready to put into place all the actions necessary to build my dreams…..[fast forward to publishing my Press Release of my future successes in the past tense] and BAM! – Paralyzed by fear. I mean, totally paralyzed. Stomach cramps, sleepless nights, mental fatigue, and inactionto the extreme. All I have wanted to do for the past few days is run away. Hide from the world. I want to scream!! You know, that primal scream, until all that anger, resentment, frustration and fear cannot be felt anymore inside me.

But I’m committed, and I always keep my promises, remember? So I read my reads, do my 15 minute sit and do what I promised to do. I read my “Press Release,” and I’m writing my blog, and I’m doing my best to not have opinions for today – especially opinions on myself that are not based on fact. This “opinion challenge” is interesting, by the way. Who knew how much of what comes out of my mouth is pure speculation, just opinion based on opinion, based on others opinions, based on speculation….and how much of it makes me seem like a specialist in everything, but potentially nothing as well. But that’s a sidebar.

I know I will get through this “wall” of self-doubt and fear. I always seem to. I built for greatness. History shows that I seem to have the courage when it matters and that I’m resilient in these times. But I’ve set a big DMP this time and this challenge seems overwhelming. You mean, I have to actually “do the do’s” to achieve it? I can’t just sit and meditate on it for 6 months and it falls into my lap? F@#$ that! But all the other gurus told me that! I feel duped!

S#!t’s got real now. I want to run and hide and at the same time face up to the challenge and create the life of my dreams. So I read harder, sit longer, say my DMP louder and with more enthusiasm, and push my subby back harder than ever! And thank God for Scroll II today – “I will greet this day with Love in my Heart” Boy did I need that this morning. (Thanks Oggy, I owe you one)

As that old saying about life goes “S#!t or get off the Pot!” I’m S#!tting myself right now, but I’m still on the pot. and I plan to stay here a long while still, while making sure the Pot is in Tuscany or Le Marche, or somewhere else in beautiful Italy!

Master Key Experience Week 4 – Mission: I’mPossible

Mission: I'mPossibleWho knew?! Who knew that my subconscious mind, Subby, the mysterious source that never sleeps, doesn’t know the difference between a “small”  task, goal or dream and a “big” one? Who knew that my Subby doesn’t understand what is hard and what is easy to manifest and achieve in my life? Who knew?!!

Well, now that I know, this changes EVERYTHING! Of course, for my subconscious, nothing changes. It keeps doing what it always does – running 98% of the show called my life. Running it, lovingly, using what it’s programmed to do. Without fear, judgement, discrimination nor concern. But, this changes everything for me and my conscious mind.

A major part of the Master Key Experience is about developing my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). It needs to be Definite. It needs to be Major (for me). It needs to be my Purpose, on Purpose. So, this isn’t’ any small feat. This isn’t to be taken lightly. This is a big deal. My Big Deal.  The challenge: Who am I? What do I want? What do I want to bring to this world? Why is this such a challenge? Attempting to discover the answers to these questions from the thinking emanating from my old subby’s blueprint is nigh on impossible. as that old saying goes “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” So, 1st I must attempt to unwind my thinking. peel off layers that are not my real “I”. Simple. No! But this the the REAL WORK in life. And, as I do this, my DMP becomes a little more clearer. It become a little more personal. It becomes a little more real. With each iteration.

My new learnings are this: Once I have discovered my DMP, one that is good for me, everyone else and the higher good, then manifestation of this life is rapid. I also learnt that Subby doesn’t know time or speed. But it needs a well defined DMP of my own to do its “Magic.” When I’m not living my DMP, life becomes hard. When I am, life becomes easy. I learnt this lesson the hard way recently. Whatever I tried to do to rectify a life that was based on a “toxic” foundation, the harder I worked, the more action I took, the worse things became.

These “failures” and struggles were not because of something wrong with me, or being a victim of this world, or somebody doing something to me, or because I am a “useless, good-for-nothing failure. This was, from my new learnings, a direct result of me not following my Purpose, not following my Bliss. Why did I choose to suffer for so long down that path? Stubbornness! Stubbornness to hold onto the old version of me, believing falsely that is was my “I”.

Working on my DMP is my priority – how will I know when I have got it right? I’ll know. Life will flow easier. Instead of me feeling like I’m sitting in a rowing boat, oars in hand, trying to row down the road, I’ll be on a gushing river, the powerful currents accelerating me forward, using my oars to just direct and guide me. How do I know this to be fact? Because I’ve experienced this before in small parts throughout my life. I just wasn’t actively aware of how and why.

So, back to my 1st point: “My subconscious mind, Subby, the mysterious source that never sleeps, doesn’t know the difference between a “small”  task, goal or dream and a “big” one My Subby doesn’t understand what is hard and what is easy to manifest and achieve in my life” – This changes EVERYTHING. I have turned up the dials on my DMP, significantly. When I’m talking Liberty, I’m now talking about BIG Liberty, and Big numbers backing that. When I’m talking about True Health, I’m now going Optimal. I’m going BIG and Bringing it HOME! 

Then it’s just about aligning Subby with these new facts, developing the self-confidence,the skills and the actions the match this new reality. This is huge for me.

This is not Mission: Impossible. This is Mission: I’mpossible.

I dare you all to do the same! Double Dare! Triple Dare!


Master Key Experience Week 3 – The Wrestle

pushbackGoing into week 3, I truly felt like the big Sumo wrestler in the image – Inspired and “untouchable” by the by the weekly Sunday webinar. My DMP (definite major purpose) taking shape beautifully, getting into a nice groove with my MKE routine, completing a chore that I had put off for almost 2 years, sitting in stillness for 15 minutes. I was feeling “large.”  And then week 3 unfolded, and by the end of it, I felt like the little wrestler in the image attempting a “take-down” of my subconscious blueprint.

But, because “I always keep my promises,” as I declare multiple times in the daily routine, regardless of how I felt in the moment, I completed all my requirements, and committed to building all my new habits. This, for me, is most probably the most important thing I have learnt in years and years of self-development – Successful people do the things necessary, even when they are “not in the mood.” So, I had this in the back of my mind throughout week 3.

The great thing about being the small sumo wrestler in the image is that, just like him, regardless of the size of my “opponent,” I enter the ring with massive courage and determination to overcome my old blueprints and thinking habits. Week 3 gave me the feedback, that makes me confident that I am getting somewhere.

So, how do I know this to be true? Every time I do serious self-development, I get obvious real life, material experiences of the exact opposite of what I’m working on. It’s like the subby is trying to say, “not only am I not going anywhere soon, I’ll manifest some things into your physical reality to remind you of your old blueprint. I’ll show you who’s boss!”

Monday I had to replace my old shock-absorbers on my one car, because of a clunking noise that just emerged out of nowhere. That was a cost I hadn’t planned for. Then Wednesday, my wife’s car battery died and I had to replace that too. My wife got an unknown bill from a rental property. I had a few clinic cancellations and other significant expenses emerging. Then yesterday, we had 4 hours of scheduled load-shedding (for those non-South Africans, Load Shedding is just a sexy way for our government to re-brand that they have destroyed our country’s ability to provide its citizens with power, and have to do rolling blackouts across the country), but when they turned on the power, our area never came on until 10pm! My old blueprint of fear and anxiety unraveled, worrying about losing all our food in the fridge and freezer, safety and security without our complex’s cameras up and running, and the bigger issues of loss in living in South Africa due to the economic ramifications. I recognized this to all be part of my old blueprint, even while it was happening, but I couldn’t stop myself from the experience. I unraveled.

But I still did my evening MKE routine. I knew this was the wrestle. The Test. I have courage. I have determination to overcome. With practice (and enough eating) I can become the master Sumo.  The interesting thing is, that even as this week unfolded and tested my faith and emotions, I also had a deeper knowing, through reading the Master Key System, sitting for 15 minutes a day and getting a deeper understanding of my Solar Plexus and its role in manifestation, that “this too shall pass,” and that as I practice, my outer world will rapidly begin to manifest the mirror of my new inner blueprint.

“Today my old skin has become a dust. I walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.”

Master Key Experience Week 2 – Deeper understanding

32921998_sWeek 2 began with a very powerful and impactful webinar on Sunday night. My biggest


take-home being the knowledge that we end up create our lives backwards, looking at our available resources and then deciding what we can create form this. Creating our lives forwards is deciding what we want from our lives (Definite Major Purpose, backed by a burning desire) and then developing the resources to manifest this life. I’ve heard this before, but it seemed to have hit home this time around. My subconscious (subby) continuously screams back at me to look at my resources first. “Don’t be stupid” it says. It’s been trained really well to live life backwards, “being realistic,” and “getting my head out of the clouds,” that I must commit daily to reprogramming this. I’ve lived life backwards for most of my adult life, and I can say for certain, that although it gives me some sadistic sense of comfort, it hasn’t worked for me. Well, not in the way that I get to live my life of purpose.

So, that was Sunday evening…Then Monday morning happens! Pure exhaustion! I live in South Africa, and the webinars are set up for US time zones. So I get to bet well after 1am, and then my brain is buzzing with new ideas and excitement. This means that Monday feels like a total write-off. One thing I have learnt through my 41 years on this planet, is the “Lior does not do well on no sleep!” Monday becomes a haze, and with all the new tasks to work through and build on, I feel overwhelmed, anxious and then my mind plays tricks on me. I become significantly down in my moods. I’ve signed up and committed to 6 months of this, and the times are going to change soon, making it even more challenging for me. My challenge going forward is to work out how to make Mondays work for me, and still stay productive and functioning. For me, this is a huge challenge to overcome in order for the MKE to be a joyful and exciting experience that I look forward to going forward.

After a good sleep on Monday night, I wake up renewed, refreshed and excited for the week ahead. I’m getting into a good groove with the exercises. I believe it helps having my wife committed with me.  We talk about our challenges, insights and growths together, and definitely keep each other motivated and accountable.

An interesting thought popped up for both of us at the same time while working on our DMPs. Suddenly we were wondering, “Do I really want this? Maybe I don’t really want that.” Then the awareness came – Am I thinking this because I’m growing and changing and discovering more about what I really want in life? Or….Is my subby saying – “You don’t really want this, because look at all the hard work it will take. You could fail. You’re just wasting your time trying to have this. Go for something easier and less of an effort. Something you can surely succeed at.”

And this was my learning of the week. Keep doing the work on myself. Keep working on my DMP. Keep being enthusiastic about what I want. Become aware of the “pushback.” Let it unfold. If I don’t truly want these things, the deeper I go, the more I will “know.’ Right now I’m going with the “fact” that my old blueprint is screaming at me to leave it be and holding onto its status quo. It is the default mode that I am committed to working on to break through.

Deeper understanding is why I committed to the MKE. – See you next week.