Press Release

Lior's Press Release

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Mark Januszewski, one of my most influential mentors in the Network Marketing industry and business training partner, for a brand new product series he is launching soon called “Network Marketing – Superheroes Summit2: Comeback Kids.” Mark usually does his interviews online, but I chose to fly with my family to Kauai to do the interview in person. We sat on his lanai, drinking freshly pressed Hawaiian juices and had the interview video recorded. Below is the transcript of the interview. Look out for the launch of the entire summit soon.

MJ: Hi Lior. It’s such an honour and a privilege to have you and your family in Kauai and on my lanai doing this interview. Great to meet see your beautiful family again. What do you make of the view.

LL: Hi Mark. Thank you so much for having us here. It is truly special to be able to spend this time with you and be interviewed for this incredible series. Listen, there are no giraffes walking around here, but it will do…(laughs). Just kidding – its so beautiful to be sitting here, watching, hearing the waves and smelling the fresh sea, while talking to you.

MJ: This series is all about comeback kids – those NWM superheroes who went through adversity, but not only overcame, but significantly superseded their previous success. We will get into your story later on, but can you share with us where are you right now in your life, with regards to your success?

LL: Yes, thank you. I have to say that this series is so important for so many in NWM to watch and listen to. So many in our crazy industry quit or give up the dream of what they can achieve too soon, or for the wrong reasons. For those who know our story, in hindsight, it’s not too different from many, including yourself and what you’ve experienced in NWM. The key turning point for us was doing your Master Key Experience and learning that 100% of the time, our inner thoughts are creating our outer world. So we got to recognize that whatever we were going through was only going to fundamentally change if we did the change. Now, my family and I are totally financially free. We are close to being the top earners in our company globally, but more importantly, we have helped so many others experience their own dreams, while becoming self-directed thinkers themselves. What I’m most proud about is the watching so many people, through our initial early influence, take charge of their lives. I am also so proud of the fact that we are able to help such a high percentage of people who join us make a success. I think, and correct me If I’m wrong, but the global average for those earning above $5000 in a company is like 1% – it’s pretty embarrassing, if I must say so myself. Well, our team helps more that 5% earn well over that and more than 20% earn over $2k per month – all because we changed. It’s been a spectacular shift for us. You have obviously been a major influence on that. So, thank you again.

MJ: I know you don’t like to talk too much about yourself and your personal successes, but tell the viewers what you earn from your company.

LL: Well, if someone asks, I tell them. We just don’t go around bragging about it, because our earnings are only based on our internal reality. Sharing what we earn really has no bearing on others earnings, because as that old saying goes “whether you think you can, or you think you cant, you are right,” so it’s really up to others in our team to do the work, inside and out, if they want to match or go beyond us. And we have actually helped a few match us and even earn more in our teams. But, to answer your question, since mid October 2022, we earn a minimum of $50 000/month in earnings. Even more importantly, we are putting in no more than an average of 5 hours per week. And that’s a busy week for us. And that’s all thanks to our business systems and the mind work. And not trying to control our team. Over the years, we have just given them the skills to study on their own, worked hands on with them and taught them to do the same. You always explained that leadership is all about the “dancer on the hill.” For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, go and YouTube it. It’s worth the few minutes.

MJ: You’ve always stated that it’s not just about the financial freedom for you. Your health and well-being is a primary need and value. Please share more about this.

LL: 100%. Throughout my life, I have put health as a major value. Mind. Body and spirit. We only have one life to life, and I want to make the most of it. Most aren’t living longer, they are just dying longer. The big challenge was that in my previous network marketing business, although it is a health and wellness business, the emotional stress involved in building it took its toll on me and my family.  I became depressed and burnt out. We felt trapped in a system that created a full-time business for us, that didn’t work unless we were working it 24/7/365. There were also other mental and emotional issues related to the leadership . As I went out of balance, so did my health, and I began to live outside of my value system. I made decision, then and there to put health and personal liberty at the forefront of all that I do. My priorities were investing time in daily meditation, daily qiqong practice and regular, 3x per week strenght training. I also spend more time outdoors and am as physically active with my family as possible. Now, almost every day I wake up with energy, feeling fit and strong, pain free and vibrant. I also feel mentally and emotionally free.  I am truly healthy

MJ: Burn-out is so common in our industry, when its done the usual way. How did you turn it around?

LL: Great question. Well, as you always say, most people, including me at the time, live their lives backwards; “When I have the time and money, I’ll look after my health, etc.” I put my health and liberty at the top of my priorities, mapped out my life, and reprogrammed my subconscious, and then created a life that matched that internal reality. I began making time for health, as I mentioned before, daily meditation, qigong practice, and regular strength training early on. We have always been focused on healthy, organic foods, but being able to spend time together as a family, cooking and eating together was a dream. Well, that’s now our reality. We are so grateful to have the time to enjoy each other, fully focused. No technology, no business, no distractions around the food table. But it’s more than that. It’s about us having a strong family unit, around health and well-being. Nowadays, much of our lives are built around healthy choices, from our travelling, to nature walks, family sports, relaxation and tranquility. It all builds up into an incredibly fun and enjoyable life. I know technology can be helpful, but actively disconnecting is so powerful to our health and well-being, as well as our family relationships.

MJ: Many people build Networking businesses to live a life that very few even dream of. In the past few years, what have you been able to do though your business that would inspire others to build their own business or to not give up?

LL: As I have mentioned, a few years before, I had built a successful business in NWM, but things didn’t “go according to the plan for my life.” I choose not to talk too much about that experience, as through the Law of Growth, what we focus on expands, and that in the past. But, that’s when so many quit. I looked deeply inwards and realised that for things to change, I needed to change. A few years later, in April 2021, I took my family for 3 month to Italy. We traveled to the Le Marche region, where we experienced some of the most spectacular culture and scenery, from the white beaches of the Adriatic Sea, to the Nature Reserve of the Sibillini Mountains. We also traveled through the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, one of my favorite places in the world. Throughout, we stayed in Organic Agriturismos and beautiful villas. As a family, we got to experience the different cultures, foods, wines and landscapes of different regions. We immersed ourselves daily into the nature and culture. We took long walks, enjoyed the tranquility, ate traditional healthy local foods and experienced, what I can only describe as true health. It’s incredible what creating a Definite Major Purpose can do, and then actually watching it manifest into reality, even better than I could ever dreamed.

MJ: Lior, knowing and working with you for quite a few years, I can truly say that you are an inspiration to the industry, so thank you for what you bring to it. What are your plans for your future?

LL: Thank you. I learnt from you, that this business can be built with complete honesty and integrity and can completely change many people’s lives.  I had a massive desire to bring that to the world. It took us a few years to build our business to support over 5000 customers and 500 self-empowered leaders. We have big plans to continue this journey and promote ethical, high integrity NWM. I am now building my new DMP, and focusing on my next adventure. I look forward to our next interview, but a sneak preview, seeing as I am now totally financially free, living a life of liberty, I am looking to help at least 50 more people to exceed our financial earnings through our business.

MJ: That sounds like an incredible plan. I know you will achieve that, just like you’ve achieved your other dreams. Thanks you for your time, and I know that you will be inspiring so many more people through this interview.

LL: Thank you for your time, love, support and mentorship. I am so looking forward to this new series and am definitely going to be buying it to learn from the other industry leaders.