Master Key Experience Week 20 & Week 21 – Brand new Insight

maxresdefaultSo, the weeks fly by and both of my businesses are getting super busy. The work I’ve been doing in the MKE has definitely created shifts in my life. Some of it directly via the exercises I do daily, and some of it from other “work” I do on myself from awareness I have experienced from pushing myself in the MKE.

I think the MKE is a fantastic course, and I love the fact that it has so many progressions to work from, I’ve chosen to work with the progressions up to a certain point, and have chosen to leave out certain progressions. How do I know which ones to pick and choose from? I don’t, but I have a feel that this is what is right for me at this point in my life. I am happy with the progress that I am making. Is it a comfort zone thing? or Am I just happier with myself and have nothing to prove to myself and others? These are questions I can’t answer, nor do I feel I need to. There’s a level of deeper acceptance in myself and my life. This continuous push  to be more, do more, have more, is fading in my life. This doesn’t mean that I am not motivated and inspired to have the life of my dreams, it’ just that I am choosing to be more present in my life experience. I’m learning to trust the process of life more.

I’m a perfect child of the Universe – This is a belief that I am working intensively on.  This is my Golden Buddha. Being more present, not trying to change me, but rather bring myself back to my own perfection. I don’t need a makeover, I need to learn to love who I see in the mirror more. I’m a perfect child of the Universe

One last point – The Guy in the Glass:- So, after reading this poem so many times over the past few years, and for the past 5 months, I had an epiphany!!! How could I not have seen this before? I can’t be the only one to have noticed this?!!

“When you get what you want in your STRUGGLE for Pelf” – STRUGGLE for Pelf? STRUGGLE? OH MY WORD!!! I’ve been affirming struggle for money/wealth for so long, no wonder I’m having resistance. This had to stop immediately, so I chose not to say this poem for a short while, because even when I tried to change the wording, my subby changed it back. So I’m taking a break from this and will come back to it with the phrase; “When you get what you want in your ABUNDANCE of Pelf

These are my insights for the past 2 weeks. I’ll see you next time.

Master Key Experience Week 19 – The Short long post

downloadLooking back on the past week of the Master Key Experience, I have not had many thought provoking experiences or revelations. The experience has definitely shifted me in many ways so far. On the one hand, it has given me a strong focus of what I want to create in my life. The shapes and colours enhance that focus and make it simpler as well.

The weekly chores/services have kept me productive and active around my home and life, as I have tended in the past to let certain things go and procrastinate in fixing them.

Og Mandino keeps me disciplined in my 3 times daily readings. Sometimes I feel inspired to read the scrolls, sometimes I feel that it’s a total chore, but I get through them regardless – I see it primarily as sel-discipline more than anything. I’ve completed the scrolls a few times before in the past 7 years, so they are not new to me.

The Master Key System reading is an interesting experience for me. I read them daily as recommended. I have found that for a while now, the weekly reads are quite repetitive, with not much new in them in terms of content. They seem to be a weekly rewrite of the same concept with a new insight or 2 along the way. This isn’t a problem for me, as repetition of a simple and powerful concept can totally change ones life, especially once it has been embedded into subby and become reality. It’s just that my experience from the early stages of the MKE, where I would be excited to dive into the weekly read and learn something new isn’t there anymore.

Dates. The age old debate of whether one should put dates into subconscious programming. Each teacher shares their different theory, and is adamant that they are right. I have always been taught by my healing mentors that dates are important for Goal Setting, but should not be used for Subconscious programming, as subby only acts in the present moment and has not concept nor understanding of time. This is the conflict one has to deal with in designing ones future – Goals vs Subconscious programming. I don’t have a definitive answer, but I can say that I have manifested many great things (and not so great) into my life, and I have rarely placed dates. The challenge for many is keeping motivated during the seeding and incubation phases of any manifestation. By putting dates, my feeling is that we are actually causing confusion, and potentially either deferring our results (based on our incomplete understanding of universal laws) or even trying to  force results, this creating further resistance to our manifestation.

When we plant seeds in the garden, for example tomato seeds. We plant them, nourish them, water them and so on. We know they will take a certain known period of time to germinate, grow and eventually fruit. But we can’t know for exact certain the date that our tomato will be ready to pick. If we use artificial means and green harvest, then we can choose a day to harvest, but the fruit will never be ready, nor as nutritious. And this is for something where we know the exact times from seed to plate. What about our DMP’s which have no known time frame established. Any date is pure speculation and in my view will either delay, or unnaturally force an experience.

These are my continuous learnings, and overall, I’m enjoying the experience. I often feel frustrated in the process, as I am not a fan of structure and curriculum, but this is my stuff to deal with.

One last comment – MKE, in my view, is not therapy, but an experience. For those who have significant unhealed trauma, I would recommend aligning with a good therapist, standard or alternative. Doing such intense work can and will kick up many unhealed traumas which can in itself be very traumatic to deal with. Although the guides and alliances are trained in MKE and can be helpful during challenging times, there should not be an expectation of them to be treat or deal with complex challenges, nor should there be a promise that they can or are responsible for doing so. Both me and my wife have needed to go for external help during the MKE, and we are better off for it. the MKE helped push things to the surface that would have remained dormant, so we are grateful for that and the healing thereafter. There is no perfect “closed system” out there. We should always remember to stay focused on being independent self-directed thinkers throughout.


See you next week.

Master Key Experience Week 18 – The Long Haul

toyota.kenworth-truckWhen I first started reading Scroll V of the Greatest Salesman in the World, I couldn’t put myself through reading it 3 times a day, let alone reading it aloud at night. I had no problems reading the other previous scrolls as prescribed, but there seemed to be something not only sad, but also incongruent in the messages of this scroll. I understand the message that it is trying to portray, but it seems to be out of sync with my DMP and my life goals.

If this was the “Last day of my life” and I looked back on it, would I have been happy to have spent it selling as hard as I could? Or would I have preferred to have been with my family, making memories with them? I am not averse to hard work, but I don’t get pleasure out of living a life where I am having to work hard at the expense of my personal freedom and time away from family and the other joys of life. Some take pleasure in wearing the fact that they are continuously working their backsides of as “Badge of Honor.” I don’t see it that way, and rather see it as a failure in not having found a way to leverage time and wealth. I am consistently working towards this goal as a mission in my life, hence the challenge in reading parts of this scroll.

So, reading this scroll has been an interesting experience for me. The feelings above have softened over the month, as I am aware of its incongruencies with my life plans and begin to take the many positive lessons from it. I think that this scroll has defintitley highlighted my desires to commit to and create my DMP, instead of living a life that most aspire to.

I’m still in catch-up mode, but have put no pressure on myself. I keep doing the dailies and am proud of the rhythm that I have created. I m learning to trust myself and my decisions of what is good for me, what is right for me and what I am willing to do, ans learning that I am Enough, without having an internal battle and imaginary mental protest about the activities presented in the MKE. I entered the Hero’s Journey in doing and committing to the 6 months, and I’m learning to let go the fears of what could go wrong in not doing everything to 100% “Perfection.” I seem to have some old traumas related to not creating success unless I am perfect, but I’m learning that I am Enough and trusting life more.

I realise that the MKE is not a 6 month course, but a lifetime study, so I’m in it for the long haul.

See you next week.

Master Key Experience Week 17H – The Catch-up

catch-upThe past couple of weeks have been gratefully busy, with my 2 businesses picking up and my parents visiting from Cape Town. It is always so great to have family visit and stay with us. It was also my son’s 4th birthday celebrations on top of it all. This has naturally created a scenario where I am in catch-up mode with my MKE.

There is definite growth here, as in the past, I would be stressing out about falling behind. I believe that this has been a pattern throughout my life, maybe emanating from my school days. But is seemed to have followed me throughout my life into adulthood, where I would always feel left behind or needing to catch up in my life – Career, financially, relationships, family, and the list goes on. These are all personal goals and dreams and really have no timeline in reality, but the DEADLINE trauma of life has stuck. I have always had this dread that if I don’t do this, then some sort of punishment will be handed out. In school and in my youth, this would be usually from someone else. Through my religion, this would be from God (of course, organised religion is always about punishment, fear and control) in life, later on, this would then be an abstract form of punishment, most likely the UNIVERSE, Life in general, God. Fear of reprisal has been so ingrained in me, that when I ate my first piece of bacon (I’m Jewish), I almost expected a thunderbolt to strike me from above. Thank goodness that didn’t happen and it was delicious!!! But self-punishment through this has always been on my agenda, if nobody was there to do it for me, with the punishments being fear, anxiety, lack, self-doubt and holding myself back from entering the Hero’s Journey, among many of my creative ways.

Falling behind and getting punished by life for it has always been in my story, so it was wonderful to fall behind on the MKE and not be too bothered by it and all the timelines and assignments.  I still did my daily’s, but i just took the pressure off myself and enjoyed the present moments of family and friends more. I think this is possibly one of my internal battles with the MKE, as it is run as a curriculum, and I have personal issues with that story.

So, how does this relate the week 17HJ? Well, to take the call to action to enter my own hero’s journey I must let go of these fears. There are enough dragons to slay in life, so letting these patterns and fears go are vital to me staying in and completing my hero’s journey. I have also found that working with my Energy Therapist through the MKE has helped immensely to overcome many of my mental and emotional blocks. The MKE is great, but as an energy therapist myself, I am aware of the limitations to affirmations, mantras, visualizations and repetitively programming the subconscious when there are traumas, energy constrictions & blocks, and limiting belief systemblocking the way. It’s like trying to water your garden from behind a brick wall with a hose pipe – eventually, over time, the water from the hosepipe will erode through the bricks. Enthusiasm and emotions will speed it up, like increasing the pressure and flow. But a lot of water will be wasted, time and patience must become your friend. Sometimes a good ‘ol sledgehammer to bash down the wall is what we need – this is how I see energy therapies in my experience.

MKE has been vital in so many ways, especially in formulating coherent and clear goals and dreams. It has been excellent so far in creating rhythm and routine.  Building a plan of action to follow is brilliant. and so much more. But what it has really done is help me discover my BRICK WALLS to BASH down. This has needed external help, as I know by being a professional in this field, is the best way to overcome such barriers.

All other traditional ways work, eventually, with extreme persistence, hard-work and time, but I prefer not to wait.

So, here’s to catching-up – OK, its only 2 webinars, so it’s not that much, but to me, its progress!!!

Master Key Experience Week 17 – Some realizations

aha-4253Week 17 came with some interesting insights on my MKE journey. Those who know me, know that I have been in the self-development space for well over 20 years, and professionally helping others for 19 years in the their personal development, specifically in trauma release work and and general therapy using energy psychologies.

I have insight into working with others and facilitating significant growth and change in their lives, and yet I live with frustration at certain areas of my life. I have worked consistently on myself in multiple different ways over many years. Many areas of my life have opened up beautifully and easily. Many have taken significantly more work and effort, along with emotional turmoil. Some areas have remained stuck, or have not consistently improved. And yet, when I work with others, the areas that have seemed stuck for me, seem to open up beautifully for many of them. This often adds to my frustrations.

So, this is one of the many reasons why I chose to do the MKE, as I wanted to know what blind spots I may have in the parts of my life that seem stuck or have gone backwards of late. Following a very intensive and lengthy programme like this I believe would give me insights, learnings and personal growth in a way that I have never personally experienced or chosen to encounter – Like a Personal Development Bootcamp – that lasts 6 month. – Would I ever be the same again after?

4 months in, and there have definitely been some interesting and powerful shifts and changes, but those closest to me also are aware of my LOVE/HATE relationship with the MKE so far. Sometimes I wonder if it needs to be this intense, or if it needs to have so many “layers” to it in order to get the results I am looking for. I often wonder what the potential subconscious message to Subby”could be that once has to work this hard mentally to shift and programme my blueprint. Could it not end up “teaching” my subconscious mind that there is no other way to shift a blueprint or create a desirable life unless one is willing to work this intensely on the mind? Could this not end up creating the same challenges in our lives when we learnt that we “had to work hard to make a living”  ?

The other side is the frustration that after all these years, I have to work this “hard”  on myself to get to where I want to go! Maybe it is this hard? Maybe I’m just one of the unfortunate ones where certain parts of my life don’t come easy, and that “it is what it is!” I watch so many lead extraordinary lives and don’t out in a fraction of the “self-work,” and I can’t sometimes help myself from feeling resentful at the process and lengths I may need to take to get there myself. So the learning maybe that it’s time to stop the moaning and complaining, and just realize that this is the way it is and work on it until it changes.

But I forge on ahead, keeping on keeping on! I do this because I don’t know the answer for definite. I can see value in what I’m doing, but I’m a person always looking for efficiency. What’s the cost benefit ratio of what I’m doing. Time is priceless. I did this 20 years ago with my exercise, learning to get the same physiological effects for what was originally a minimum of 3 hours in the gym per week, down to 2 x 15 minute sessions a week, by removing the “fluff”, the stuff that is just done for the sake of doing, or because it’s always been done, and keeping only the most essential parts, and then doing that with full intensity. I’m always looking for this in all areas of life, from health, to finances, to self-development.

So here I am, one more week in, 8 more to go, and then I may have some more answers to my personal journey….or maybe more questions!!!!???


Master Key Experience Week 16 – The Drift

224772-driftWeek 16 came and went so fast that I totally missed writing my blog post for that week. It was interesting to watch Week 17’s video regarding “Drift”, as this is exactly how I felt. I had times where I would force an emotional reading of my cards and DMP, and that would feel good. Then there were times (the majority) where I would just be going through the motions.

I’m not sure of the reasons for this drift. Could it be the monotony of the exercises? Could it be the fact that the subby is taking it in and that its not a new and exciting idea for it? Could it be the gap between what I’m affirming and my reality right now? Could it be lack of faith  in the process? Or is it the calm before the storm, that moment just before the seedling bursts through the ground?

I don’t know the answer, so I just keep keeping on. Does the Master Key Experience really ever end? After 6 months of the this course, it seems like it’s just the beginning of the journey, without any end-points. How does one know when one as has achieved self-mastery? 

The one challenge I have at present is the focus on “dates” in my DMP. I have always understood that subby doesn’t understand dates, but only knows the NOW, and acts in the NOW. Dates and times are just conscious human constructs. I am going to test this out by creating another version of my DMP, but without the dates, and only in the NOW.  I’ll keep you updated on the experience and results from this experiment going forward.

Well, its a short step to writing week 17’s blog, so I’ll see you then.

Master Key Experience Week 15 – Two Worlds

2-worlds.jpgWeek 15 started with that  “get back to work” sort of feel. For me it was all about gathering my thoughts, getting back to the Plan of Action written and promised on my POA card. I’m generally tough on myself when I’m not “doing the work, ” but I gave myself a mental break over the Festive Season, as I knew it was not possible to fulfill many of my tasks required on my Plan of Action. 

So this past week was to, step by step get going again. I have had some good business successes this past week, and from a new business point of view, things are going well. Is my business on track to achieve my Smart Goals on my DMP? I don’t know. This I will leave up to faith.

My personal challenges arise from the past, where previous business decisions and experiences, and the subsequent financial fallout from that. So, I live in 2 worlds – 1. where my DMP  is focused on a big dream of mine that I have always had, and I am, day-by-day, building towards this, with a level of success, and 2. living day-to-day under financial strain from past issues.  My challenge with this scenario of 2 worlds is that the stakes are high for world 1 to come into manifestation. This mindset often creates emotional resistance, of NEED vs DESIRE.  With need, there is often desperation, fear, worry and lack, and this is my daily challenge, to keep my mind and thoughts focused on my desires. 

I have spoken about FAITH in previous posts, and although I am working on my faith in these specific Laws of the Universe, the leap into putting 100% of my Faith energy into my DMP is terrifying. It reminds me of that old saying that everyone seems to edit to suit themselves: “Carpe Diem – seize the day” The full quote is actually: “carpe diem quam minimum credula posterom,” which means, “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)”, in other words, make the most of the moment, but prepare for the eventualities of tomorrow. So the question is this: “What are these eventualities?

These eventualities are based on our subconscious blueprint, so what if the trajectory from our old blueprint is already in place? What if our new blueprint is only taking shape now? Where will the Cross-over in my life be?  Or is there even a Cross-over? Can the change be instantaneous, without a hangover from the past?

This is where I am right now. Sometimes the legacy from the past is too overwhelming, sometimes the excitement of new future is very exciting.

I”ll see you next week.

Master Key Experience Week 14 – Being more present

1_present-moment-300x200Week 14 came and went so fast, I missed my blog deadline! So, here I am, looking back on week 14, wondering what happened.

The beginning of the week was all about catching up on some of the tasks and layers that I was lagging behind on, including the week 13 webinar. I was grateful for the break in webinar in week 14, as I felt a little overwhelmed through December. Usually December is a quieter month, as in South Africa, being our summer, this is the time for most to take for their summer vacations. But this December just seemed manic, and to remain sane, I did my best to stay in the NOW, more present, rather than get myself flustered about the future and “not getting enough done to make 2020 a breakthrough year.” 

New years eve came and went, and suddenly we were in 2020!! The best thing that happened, was starting Scroll III, I’m Nature’s Greatest  Miracle, as this reminded me that we had actually begun a new month! And what a great way to begin a new year and decade. I’m not one to create “New Years resolutions,”  so when we were advised not to, I was comfortable with that recommendation.  on the MKE, we are working so intensively on ourselves, a  “New Years resolution” would just be a distraction form the bigger picture of my life.

The past week was really about being present. I was looking after my little boy mostly on my own, as my wife had the last week of a very intensive contract to finish. The little time we had together as a family was savored as best as possible. This time apart is unusual for our family, as we both usually work flexible hours, and I work form home, so we spend a lot of time together, but the lessons were good.

Week 14 also brought to the fore the clarity of how important a laser-like focus  on our thoughts and feelings towards where we are desiring to go, and how that molds the energy of the Universal Mind towards what we desire. I have been aware of this concept for many years, but the reminder was perfect in timing for where I needed to be. 

Each layer, progression and repetition on the MKE feels powerful, But as I mentioned last week, for me, working on Faith is still my focus moving  forward. This has often, in the past, blocked my ability to manifest my desires to the full. I am building faith in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) seeds that I am planting to the same level that I have faith in the seeds I plant in my vegetable garden. I don’t dig those up and replant daily, because I know, with 100% certainty that they will grow into what I planted.  This is the type of faith i am building in myself right now. 

Week 15 begins with my business activity restarting for 2020! I am excited and anxious to get going.See you next week.

Master Key Experience Week 13 – Faith

images.jpeg-1.jpgI left week 12 of the MKE angry. I’m not sure if it was just my state of mind that week or if the past few weeks have opened up and exposed some old wounds in me. It’s not always possible to know which it is in the moment, as time will naturally reveal the answer.

For week 13, my mindset has been to keep things simple. Stay in the “groove” of the MKE, and “develop my skills as a mariner develops his, by learning to ride out the wrath of each storm”, as Og Mandino recommends we do in Scroll 3.

Week 13 has also corresponded with a temporary, yet extremely busy personal week for me and my family, as my wife has taken on a 10 day hospital contract, with very little childcare. It’s been an absolute joy and pleasure to spend so much quality time with my little boy, and help my wife complete this contract without stress and worry, and I’m so grateful to have the time to do it. It just means being “full-on” all day, with little time to focus on anything outside of this, hence the focus on keeping MKE simple this week and getting into a simple groove.

This week also had an unexpected event happen; my friend, business partner and part of my personal mastermind landed up in hospital with a serious and life threatening and life changing event. The news of this “knocked the wind out of me for a multitude of reasons and has tested my faith in myself and in the work that I’m doing in the MKE.

The idea of FAITH is a fascinating one, as I believe it’s the most important quality to develop and have in order to create the life I desire, but also the most intangible of all qualities – and potentially the most frightening. What is faith? And how does one develop it in the directions of ones desire?

The ideas of “Blind Faith” and “Delusional” often crop up when thinking of Faith. Also religious connotations of a what faith could mean blur my experience and understandings of what it means to develop faith in myself – ALL OF ME!.

So this past week I’ve been working daily with a guided meditation to help with developing faith in myself during my “sit” time.

There’s an old saying “everything that happens, happens for my success.” I am focused on developing the faith in this saying to be the truth.



Master Key Experience Week 12 – Hanging in there

Hanging in thereWeek 12 coincided with our 2nd week of holiday, visiting my family in Cape Town. It also cam on the back end of our 1st week away with our little one having flu and thus all having multiple 

sleepless nights. Although we were excited beforehand to join the webinar, we made the decision to rather get our sleep and catch up later in the week.

I made the decision to focus my priorities of time on my family while on holiday, while committing to getting through all the daily Master Key System reads, 3 times a day Greatest Salesman Scroll reads, DMP and Card reads, as well as my sits, while backing away from many of the “services” on my DMP/POA card. I still chose to read my POA (Plan of Action) card daily to infuse my subconscious with my Plan of Action. Backing away from my POA activities while I was away was a conscious decision I made in order to focus on my priorities while away visiting family and stay sane by removing all chances of my Failure Blueprint coming into action.  My view is to keep winning, thus keep the subby feeling like it is winning. Setting myself up for failure would just activate my failure peptides and damage any chance of having a good holiday and savouring time with my family.

There have been other personal insights during this time away. I have been into self-development  for many years, sometimes with excellent success, other times not. The past 7 years or so, I got involved in a business which had an aggressive “self-development” program attached to it. Over the period of time in that business I slowly gave up what I knew worked for me and was good for me, and substituted it with their program in totality. I felt like at the end, I totally lost myself in the process. I made a vow from then, to never allow myself to lose myself, nor ignore my gut and what I know is good for me.

This was always one of the main reasons why I cautiously entered the MKE, and vowed to keep doing what I knew is good for me in my self-development journey. The challenge has been that with the weight and volume of work required, week after week I have had to let go  little bit more some of “my stuff,” the things that I know work for me, in order to keep up with the program. This has coincided with my moods dropping considerably, anxiety and self-doubt creeping into my life.

I am always cautious to take any “instruction” at face value. I question everything (except during that dark time in my previous business), and thus am reluctant to just “do something” because I’m told that it will be “good for me”, or that I will 100% experience the Payoff  in the future. I don’t appreciate being bullied into actions by being told that if i choose not to do something, then it’s my “old blueprint” acting out.

My old blueprint is not defective, in fact it has helped me create many amazing life experiences. I have been able to manifest many incredible experiences over my past 42 years. My gut is also spot on and has helped me throughout my life to make excellent decisions, many that logically made no sense when I was making them. So, if my gut tells me to do or not to do something, I usually listen to it above anyone or anything.

In my experience and opinion, nobody can guarantee any results for certain in any self-development program. Much of the development is in the journey and not in the results, thus it is vital (for me at least) to live with that old saying: “Trust but verify.” 

I have found that the “sits” of late have not been an inspiring experience. Due to time constraints, they have also, due to time constraints, replaced my daily guided meditations or subliminal meditations. Missing out on these have negatively affected me, and thus I have chosen to rather “sit” with my guided meditation going forward.

I’m hanging in there, but I’m following my gut more. Being a self-directed thinker is naturally more of a challenge, as one has to take more responsibility when thinking for oneself and making one’s own decisions, but I believe that the payoff is greater in the long run. Prescription of tasks  doesn’t always align with self-directed thinking, and this is always the personal challenge when following such programs.

These are my mental meanderings for the past week or so. With my holiday over, and having more time to myself, I will catch up the ideas and “tasks” of the past week or 2 and put my own spin on my experience going forward.

My external results have been impressive in the MKE so far, but it’s my internal experience that has seemed to suffer.

I Persist. I win.